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NHADA Launches Maine Independent Motor Vehicle Association

Neighboring State Trade Association Mirrors Structure of NH Association; Will Serve Hundreds of Maine Independent Dealers

In an effort to better represent the operational needs of hundreds of independent repair, sales and maintenance businesses, the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association (NHADA) is expanding its offerings and efforts into Maine.

NHADA proudly announces the launch of the Maine Independent Motor Vehicle Association (MIMVA). Members will include independently owned car and truck sales operations, as well as franchised and independent farm equipment, RVs, construction vehicles and motorcycles/OHRVs dealers. Like members who have joined the NHADA, the focus for Maine membership will be improved quality controls, optimized business operations, shared best practices, and grassroots involvement at the federal and state level.

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“There are currently hundreds of small business owners in Maine who don’t have access to free employment law hotlines, discounted dealer bonds and affordable services like health care coverage, workers comp and employment development,” explains Pete McNamara, President of MIMVA. “By extending the services we offer in New Hampshire, we believe the Maine Independent Motor Vehicle Association will provide exactly the types of services to support Maine business owners and their staff greatly.”

The launch and development of MIMVA will be supported by NHADA’s existing team of professionals. McNamara and his senior administrators believe by implementing the types of shared best practices and affordable enhanced services to the more than 600 independent repair shops and dealerships in Maine, the result will be greater quality service and operations for consumers throughout the state.

As the association grows in the coming months, one or more Maine members will be appointed to the board of directors that sets the overall direction, goals and objectives of the association. In the interim, the existing independent motor vehicle business owners currently on the board will do just that.

The Association has developed a website,, that answers questions and offers guidance to Maine Motor Vehicle businesses, many of which are free to download. For the remainder of 2022, businesses can come on as members at the promotional rate of $349.

Over our 100 years in business the NHADA has engineered a system that operates best for the people and businesses of New Hampshire,” says McNamara. “We are prepared to further grow and extend our team of professionals to do the same for the state of Maine. Some of our best practices work well everywhere, but there are some that need to be unique to the community that is being served. We are proud to represent the Pine State’s motor vehicle businesses.”

McNamara’s team says New Hampshire dealers have found ways to set aside competitive differences to work towards a common goal that benefits both businesses and consumers. The idea is to create a blueprint for Maine and allow operators to go from there.

“MIMVA can help individual members succeed through access to discounted dealer bonds, free employment law hotlines, affordable workers’ comp. and health insurance, and regulatory assistance on issues that challenge operations.” says Christopher Daigle, Membership Success Manager for MIMVA.

MIMVA will also open doors to the National Independent Auto Dealers Association (NIADA) offering access to benefits such as the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. Independent dealer-members will also have access to professional development and networking opportunities such as 20 groups.

“We are excited to develop this new relationship that will link national entities with state associations such as Maine who want to elevate their current operation” says Bob Voltmann, CEO, National Independent Auto Dealers Association. “We have found that collaboration with regard to finances and advocacy and even legal issues can help bind us all together in the industry so that even independents can feel part of an extended network with meaningful relationships in the industry.”

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