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An energy savings program designed to save you thousands.

A longstanding relationship between MIMVA and Competetive Energy Services (CES) allows you access to one of the leading energy procurement and management firms in the country, advising clients with energy and utility expenditures in excess of $2.0 billion.


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CES is an independent firm that is commodity, technology, supplier, and developer neutral and works exclusively in the interest of its clients. CES is also recognized as being very flexible and offering a high level of customization. One of CES's greatest strengths is its diverse client base. By serving clients across a wide variety of industries, we are exposed to all sides of the energy market and are able to cross-pollinate ideas more rapidly than advisory firms that might focus on only a single sector.

CES takes great pride in being innovative and providing our customers with customized services that take into consideration their unique requirements. We understand that every dollar is important to an institution’s bottom line, and we explore innovative ways to manage to the lowest possible cost. CES provides strategic energy planning that utilizes current and forecasted market conditions to obtain the least cost supply, utility/LDC charges, and the most favorable contract terms available in the market.